When Did Ultrasounds Become Controversial?

cdc_ultrasoundUltrasound tech careers have remained relatively the same over the past decades, but have recently become a target of political debate because of the requirements that many states are trying to push on clinics to force women to look at ultrasounds before terminating a pregnancy.  While the ultrasound industry has been thrust into the limelight as a result of this controversial debate, most ultrasound technicians have little opinions on the matter and continue to perform their jobs much like they have over the years.

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As more states continue to join in on this debate in the ultrasound industry, it appears to portray the ultrasound technicians’ job in a different light, one associated with negative feelings and political undertones.  Taking this career, which was once the highlight of many expectant parents, and turning it overnight into one of the biggest controversies in the nation was no easy task by politicians, but took several years in the making.  Many people are of the mindset that ultrasounds should not be involved in this debate because there is no logical connection and the connection that has been created has only spawned unnecessary animosity.

Ultrasound technicians had the most apolitical career a few decades ago – they simply showed new parents the first images of their child and were involved with some of the most heartwarming early memories of pregnancy.  Instead, ideological parties and politics have managed to turn this career into one which causes much heartache as well as further party-line-drawing.  The two realms of this debate have become clearly defined over the past few months and have nearly sprung up out of the dark.  It is upsetting that this trend in the careers of ultrasound technicians has to spark such national attention as well as negative press before it becomes noticed as a problem.

Ultrasound technicians continue to be important in the world of medicine, both in cancer units and in obstetrics, despite any reports to the contrary.  While ultrasounds of babies are now associated with different connotations, they are still used to show new parents whether they are having a boy or a girl and still remain one of the most important landmarks of pregnancy.  Ultrasound technicians in most states do not have to worry about most political debates as of yet, but even those that are in the controversial states can try to ignore the hotly debated constitutional issues at hand and simply do their job they have continued to do for the past years.

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