How to Become An Ultrasound Technician

Becoming-an-Ultrasound-TechnicianAn ultrasound technician or sonographer is a medical expert who plays a vital role in the diagnostic process. The ultrasonographer uses advanced medical equipment’s that are to direct sound waves to a specific part of the human body to get a real picture of what is happening on the inside. It is used to view internal organs, joints, tendons and muscles just to name a few. Through the use of ultrasounds, the sonographer is able to draw up a conclusion or have an idea of the under lying problem. Ultrasounds are popularly used in observing the growing of the foetus in the womb.

Ultrasound Technician Work Environment

Any student aspiring to become an ultrasound technician should expect to spend long hours in a hospital. Their office comprise of a low lit room where the ultrasound is performed. In the event that the patient’s condition does not allow any mobility, it is their duty to bring the machine to the patient. Moreover, good communication skills play a grave role as the ultrasound technician spends a lot of time with patients’ explaining the procedure and its importance to their diagnostic process. The sonographer should also expect to spend a lot of time on his or her feet as the job description takes a practical perspective.

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Ultrasound Tech Requirements

Seeing as the ultrasound technician plays an imperative role in the diagnostic process, professional certification from an accredited program in the field of sonography is important. Bachelors and masters degree are available to students interested in specializing in sonography. For individuals who work in related fields such as nursing, they qualify for the one year certificate programs to become an ultrasound technician. Such programs are usually offered by the employer to their staff making them only available to those working in the associated fields. For those willing to pursue ultrasonography in university are advised to follow a field that focuses on physics, math and computers. This in turn will provide a base to help the student to understand the how to operate the ultrasound machines. Associates degree or postgraduate certificates are available to those wishing to be eligible for the qualifying exams.

Ultrasound Technician Salary & Job Outlook

An ultrasound technician’s salary currently ranges between $46930 to $93850 p.a. The salary will vary from technician to technician due to number of factors. For one, an ultrasound technician holding a bachelor’s degree or masters or both in the field of sonography can expect a much higher salary than that of a sonographer with an associate’s degree. Second, a sonographer with more work experience will receive a better salary due to refinement in his or a skills in that specific field. Holding an administrative role will also lead to a higher pay. Lastly, sonographers, may increase their salaries by opting to work either part or full time in the private sector. With the increased demand on of sonography in all scopes of medicine, job outlook is anticipated to grow at 46% from 2010-2022. This is due to the increased use of ultrasounds in physician offices which are relieving the burden from hospitals.

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